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Our dream is to improve education.

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The Space Bears Project has been initiated by Tahoe Expedition Academy (TEA) to bring the special sauce of what’s been created to students all over the country. With a seven-year successful track record at TEA, the Space Bear team feels confident that this approach would benefit students all over the country and are fully committed to realizing this mission. What’s happening with the kids at this school is remarkable.

The Flagship and Constructive Adversity tabs should give you plenty of information about what we do and why it’s working. But we would like to take a moment to introduce you to our expansion efforts and the Space Bear Project. 

Why Space Bears? In fact, what’s a Space Bear? When looking for a way to tell this story, we had a few requirements. Primarily, we wanted the brand to be playful, since the topic is so serious. Secondly, we wanted a brand that would transcend across geographic and socio economic areas. This approach works for all kids in all environments, so traditional imagery would limit us. Because we are solving real problems that are changing all the time, we wanted to tell the story through animations, cartoons, books and moving content so we always believed a set of characters made sense to us. 

Then we found the tardigrade, the most resilient animal on the planet. The tardigrade can live up to 100 years and go at least 30 years without food or water.  Its’ nickname is the Space Bear, and we fell in love. The tardigrade inspired us and we ran with it. 

Our creative partner,, is working with us to bring the bears and stories alive.  We hope that through these characters, you will get to know our brand and our products. The design and thought process that make up the bears and our products derive from the attributes we want to cultivate alongside the academics. Those attributes, such as deep-rooted confidence, courage, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, integrity, communication, and service are in the DNA of the academic process both in planning and in assessing. The attributers are the foundation of all the stories we will tell as our Space Bears solve real world problems.

Our primary goal is to help TEA become sustainable so that we can codify these practices, refine our art and share it with the world. At the same time we are excited to launch our brand and hopefully entertain the world as we strive to improve education for a minimum of 30,000 students. 

Track our progress.