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Connecting real world
experiences with academics.

Constructive Adversity® uses intellectual, social and physical challenges to help students engage, grow and thrive. Strategically pairing adverse situations with academics enables the fuller growth of our students, both in cognitive development and in character. Our educational approach elevates student confidence, independence, and resilience. 

To deliver upon an academic program that builds character we do the following:  we combine best in class academics with an adventure that has meaning and relevance to the learning.  We then dive deep into that problem using a variety of real world experts, organizations and communities to solve a real problem.  We take students, strategically, outside of their comfort zones and guide them through a process of planning, executing and forming a crew to make things happen in life.



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Bringing learning to life.

Academic Standards Character Building Attribute Adventure Experience Real Life Solution
Life cycles and food Health, Wellness Farm To Tummy: Work with hunger relief orgs Built guides to locally grown foods
Humanities/Geography Advocacy, Collaboration Weeklong home stay on Indian Reservation Advocated for environmental rights
Environmental Science Advocacy, Stewardship Visited NASA and JPL, worked with Rocket Scientists Giving Ted Talks, Designed an underwater ROV
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We use Constructive Adversity® to connect real world experiences with academics through the unique intersection of real life problems and classroom work.

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