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Our Flagship School

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Tahoe Expedition Academy (TEA), created a modern education concept. One that guides young people through today’s challenges with deep rooted confidence. One that parallels the constant advance in society. One that takes students beyond classroom walls and embeds immersive world experience into memory.

TEA is a Pre-K-12th grade experiential learning school, founded in 2011,  that builds resilience in kids while fostering creative problem solvers with significantly above average academic scores. The special sauce is the strategic integration of Constructive Adversity into the day-to-day curriculum.



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• TEA uses the real world to help students learn
how to navigate and contribute to society.

• PreK-12th-Grade Private School located
in Truckee, California.

• 175 students are enrolled full time.
(400+ in summer programs)   

• A-G UC Approved Courses, STEAM &
Constructive Adversity® are built into our
cutting-edge education approach.

• Accredited by WASC.

• Expected a 300% growth by 2019.

TEA is Different

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• TEA is an experiential learning school.  
Our students learn about life by living it.  

• TEA students spend an average of 30%
of their time in the field, working with experts,
visiting organizations, and doing service.

• The focus is on building resilience and
character development as much as delivering
best in class academics through our own IP
called Constructive Adversity.

• TEA students tackle and solve real world
problems starting at age 3 and continuing
through high school.

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The Proof is Tangible

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When kids graduate from our programs, they have an advantage in life because they have experienced how to cope in all kinds of situations.


We build strong academics, composure and resilience in kids.

Empowered leaders

Space Bears Project empowers world class leadership. 


Like top CEO’s, Olympic athletes, and Navy Seals,  when you meet a graduate from our program, you know that they are different because they stand-out from the stack.


TEA graduated its first class in 2017. All six graduates enrolled at their first choice college and earned over $400,000 in merit based scholarships.


As an employer, I want to hire people who can get the job done when things are going wrong, as much as when things are happening smoothly. TEA equips students with the resilience to shine in tough situations. As a father, I’ve seen the results in my kids. My daughter has graduated from TEA and is outperforming peers in adjusting to college and has tested out of her core competencies.
— Erik Swan, Founding family member and funder, TEA | C0-Founder SPLUNK
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