It Starts Here

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There are three ways to get involved.

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Start a Space Bears school in your geographic location.

The complete integration of Constructive Adversity into the DNA of any school is the most effective way to see the results that we have seen at our Flagship School, Tahoe Expedition Academy. Contact us to learn how to integrate Constructive Adversity.  

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Partner to bring Constructive Adversity to your school.

Existing schools can do this too. Teachers can begin to integrate Constructive Adversity Cycles into their existing curriculums by tying real world adventures into the academics. We've tested many ways to do this and would love to share the process with you. 

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Inquire about our tools so you can learn how to make it happen.

Space Bears Project is partnering with PhDs, human performance experts, Navy SEALs, and experts in bio performance to develop state of the art tools to scientifically track the growth of character and resilience in the academic environment.