The Space Bears Solution

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Scale the Success

We believe the solution is to scale the success of Tahoe Expedition Academy so that students all over the country have exposure to this revolutionary type of education! 

We know that 2/3 of students today will be employed in a future job that doesn’t exist yet. Students are anxious, checking out and not thriving in life. Success is providing students with the attributes, skills or experiences they need for today’s complex world.

With your financial contribution, we can take this magic to kids all over the nation. Our goal is to reach 30,000 students. Let's give kids the experiences they need to thrive in this world.



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Our Goals

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Refine the art of what is happening at TEA

Our goal is to refine the successes of Tahoe Expedition Academy and codify the practice into a replicable framework. 

Then, we will Implement this framework in new schools and launch more programs nationwide.

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Scale the success of our flagship school TEA

We want to scale the success of
Tahoe Expedition Academy to 30,000 kids by 2020.

We will do this by scaling the magic of our programs and bringing the programs alive in schools all over the country.

Road Map

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Impacting 30,000 students by 2020


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Invest In The Flagship School (TEA)

We need your investment in Tahoe Expedition Academy in order to grow enrollment to 300 students.

Funds applied to Ops and Facilities completion 



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Partner Or Start More Schools





Our aim is to further refine the concept at new locations by partnering with existing schools and opening new schools.




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Build The Product


Develop a bundled, cloud-based software system that will run Space Bears programs, planning, tracking, and measurement.

Develop a character score that will live next to academic scores on transcripts.

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